Concierge Service

Inspection Services: (720) 204-3366 | Concierge Services: (800) 648-5719

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Step 1: Home Inspection Services.

Phone - Vango Inspection

Step 2: Your inspection moving concierge will call to assist with scheduling.

Home Owners Network

Step 3: Setup of your “Total Home Support” service with Home Owner Network. Download your free “Live Support App”. A live expert to help you 24/7 with all home needs!

Home Owners Network

Step 4: No-Obligation home insurance quote with exclusive money saving discount on home and auto insurance from a licensed Liberty Mutual Agent.

Home Inspection On site

Step 5: Easy Connection – We assist you to connect T.V., internet, phone, electric, gas, water, and sewer at the best rates with one call and it’s free.

Security code

Step 6: Home Security Consultation – Get a home security system at the best rates before you move in and receive special rebates with our Concierge Program.

home Key

Step 7: Locksmith Appointment – Need a qualified locksmith to test and re-key all the locks of your home

Inspection Services: (720) 204-3366 | Concierge Services: (800) 648-5719