New Construction Inspections

A New Construction Inspection identifies items that should be rectified by the builder before handover. We provide you with a professional report to guide you through the “walk-through” prior to occupancy. A New Construction Inspection helps you identify incomplete or improperly undertaken work, material defects, and general builder oversights. We will furnish you with a detailed list, or often referred to as a “punch list” to present to your builder. This service is invaluable. Let Vango Inspections help you get the best start to new home ownership.

Inspections are taken at critical times during the building process. This documentation will give you invaluable peace of mind in knowing that your new home is being constructed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) for One & Two Family Dwellings, local building codes and standards and design specifications. You should never allow quality control to take a back seat to money saving short cuts.

These inspections are not all about proper placement of building components, but are designed to be informative and educational at the same time. The report will identify sizing, spacing, materials used and location of HVAC Equipment, panel boxes, water heaters, water lines and plumbing cleanouts. This information is as important as the proper construction of the home itself.

Foundation – Phase I

(a copy of the engineer’s drawings should be present and available for this inspection)

During this phase the inspector will physically and visually inspect the foundation and verify compliance with the engineered drawings, the proper placement, support, sizing and spacing of graded rebar and that it is supported, as well as ensuring proper beam depth, width and placement. Vapor/moisture barrier placement should be checked. If applicable, cable ends are to be anchored and the cable tendons properly placed and supported. If an engineer does not seal the drawings, then the foundation must comply with the local jurisdiction building code applicable to the property.

Phase I Foundation Inspection Sample Report

Framing, Mechanical and Delivery Systems – Phase II

During this phase the inspector will physically and visually verify compliance with applicable building standards or, if applicable, an engineered design. Specifically, it is important to ensure proper door and window egress placement, framing members should be properly attached, spaced, graded and aligned, and that joints are not stressed and are fastened with the proper materials. The load-bearing infrastructure should show no signs of distress. Materials should not be decayed or otherwise have their structural integrity compromised. All spliced materials shall comply with the applicable building standards. Additionally, each of the major mechanical delivery systems needs to be reviewed:

1) Electrical Systems should be checked to ensure the system is properly grounded, all connections are made in junction boxes, proper gauge wiring installed, outlets properly spaced, working clearances are provided where required and wires are properly protected by nail plates in appropriate locations.

2) Adequate access to the machinery should be provided. Ductwork should not be encumbered by other building materials, punctured, crimped, crushed or otherwise compromised. Ducts are installed per the applicable building standards. Return grills are in the locations required by the plans.

3) The roof is appropriately supported and sloped.

4) Plumbing System should be reviewed to ensure all connections, bends and joints are appropriately fitted and sealed. Nail plates in appropriate locations must properly protect all pipes. Materials installed should be used for the manufactured purposes and be of appropriate size and condition, as well as being appropriately supported and anchored.

Phase II Foundation Inspection Sample Report

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