About Us

When you trust Vango with your home inspection, you can trust you are getting the best inspection available in the Denver area. Buying a home is a big investment; make the right choice to protect your family.

Meet the Team

Home inspection is an art, and the Home Inspector the artist.
With words, a glance, or a written report, an inspector can paint a beautiful, or frightening, picture of a home. At Vango, our passion is painting a clear and honest picture for you of the property you are considering purchasing. Not only does our qualified staff hold professional Home Inspector certifications, but we also have decades of combined experience building and remodeling homes – something most home inspectors do not.

We bring our experience and understanding of the construction process to our inspection evaluations, allowing us to identify health and safety issues in your home – and to accurately communicate the significance of those issues.

When you trust Vango with your home inspection, you can trust you are getting the best inspection available in the Denver area. Buying a home is a big investment; make the right choice to protect your family.

What We Inspect

Whether you are a parent, a professional, or a tradesperson, you are successful at what you do because you took the time to learn and practice your craft. At Vango, we have worked with the mediums used to paint the canvas of a beautiful home. Top-down, outside-in, we cover every system in your home with your safety and comfort in mind. You are welcome to attend the inspection and accompany the inspector, or let us provide you with a summary at the end of the inspection. Either way, our client is you, not the real estate agents or seller.

Even though we cannot see into a wall, we can see the brushstrokes left behind that reveal hidden mysteries. Whether it is classic or modern art, we are experienced in the character and practices of homes from the 1880’s to the cutting-edge construction of today. We have seen inspected with wood shavings for insulation to zero-energy homes still being built.

Do you know the dangers of venting a furnace into an unlined chimney? Why are GFCI’s and AFCI’s important? Where do you find them? What are the most common sources of carbon monoxide emissions into a home? How do you know if the home has had structural repairs performed? There are so many potential hazards in a home, and we know how to identify them all. But which ones are significant enough to stop a contract are which are not? We answer all these questions, and more, in plain language, and provide a report that any professional tradesperson can use to easily address the issues we find.

Pass or Fail?

Keep in mind that no home is perfect, not even a brand new house. We do not grade homes, or stamp them “pass” or “fail.” Our role is to provide you information so you can make an informed decision. Any defect can be repaired, but at what cost? And will you be responsible, or the seller? Our inspectors are trained professionals to evaluate each property against the ASHI Standards of Practice and todays most current building standards.

Although we are very familiar with building codes, our main focus is your safety and comfort, not code compliance. Through the years, building codes have changed too many times to count. While building codes and safety issues often line up, we evaluate a home based on when it was built, not current codes. Often, we can make helpful recommendations to improve a home, even if a particular issue is appropriate to the age of the home and the code when it was built.

A few words from our customers

Local company with an owner whom I personally know takes great pride in his work and will strive to make sure you are satisfied! I will be recommending Vango out to all my real estate clients!

— Chelsea Rhoads

A few words from our customers

It’s difficult to know who to trust when you are investing in a home, and you want to make sure it is being delivered to you in a safe and great condition. Scott made the inspection process so smooth! It is clear he is an expert in house codes and he easily spotted things that I would have never noticed. I had two inspections from Vango during the building process, and both reports were delivered to me quickly and virtually, with detailed pictures all of the recommendations. And the services is very affordable.

Don’t waste your time on another inspection company. Go with Vango.

— Trista Davis

A few words from our customers

Vango Inspections has been my go to company for almost ten years now. I work in the older Denver neighborhoods where most homes are 100 years old and all have their issues. The inspectors at Vango are very thorough, finding obvious, and the not always easy to discover, issues. They are straight forward, without being alarmist, which is important. They are great at helping buyers and sellers understand what issues are critical and those that are not. They also help steer clients to positive solutions. A pleasure to work with; would recommend them to anyone — and I do!

— Tom Snyder, Snyder Team Real Estate