New Home Construction

A reputable homebuilder is building your new home, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right? Think again…

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“A reputable homebuilder is building my new home, so I don’t have anything to worry about, right?”
Think again… There will be many different contractors in and out of your new home during the construction process, and pressure on a Superintendent responsible for multiple projects. Who is watching out for you to make sure nothing gets missed? Our phased new home inspections often reveal defects that occur only from the pace of construction on a new home in a production environment. Our goal is to partner with your builder, not be adversarial, so that you can be confident that your home is built to the best possible standard.


A New Construction Inspection identifies items that should be rectified by the builder before moving forward at key points in the construction process. The timing of the three phases is structured to allow us to review the key systems of your new home without any delays in construction. We provide you with a professional report that you can pass on to your builder after each phase. Semi-custom home construction still operates on a largely production-oriented mindset. The Superintendents, Contractors, and Sub-contractors do not know you, and are often driven by deadlines and pressure to move on to the next home. While most are good at what they do, the pressure to keep pace often leads to items that get missed.

Additionally, most people have never what lies behind the walls of their home. It can be intimidating to see all the rough systems in place and not know how to assess them. Can you trust that your Superintendent is truly addressing your concerns, or just towing the company line? The Phase-2 Pre-drywall Inspection is a great time to walk through the home with us, ask questions, and understand the professional parameters of home construction.

  1. Foundation
    During the first phase we will physically and visually inspect the foundation for the presence of proper structural and drainage elements, and properly prepared for framing. Visual inspection of the quality of the concrete pour is made, though no field tests are taken. If plans have been provided by the builder, we will verify the proper placement of beam pockets, piers, and foundation dimensions.
  1. Pre-Drywall
    During the second phase of the process we will walk the home after the rough installation of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The structural and cosmetic framing is evaluated, along with the components of all home systems, for proper workmanship. This is also an excellent chance for you to accompany us and ask any questions you have about the how the home is built.
  1. Final
    The final phase of the process is a full home inspection before you take possession of the home. We test all the finished systems in the home for proper functionality, so you can move in with confidence. Ideally, this inspection takes place prior to your punchlist walkthrough with the builder so any items we identify can be included. This inspection is even more crucial than an inspection on an existing home since the systems in your new home have never been used.

One-Year Home Warranty

Every home changes in the first year and it goes through a natural expansion and contraction with the seasons, and it can take a few months for an issue to manifest. You built a new home, now it is month 11 of your one-year builder warranty, and you can’t help but think, “Are we going to miss anything before our chance is up?” Vango offers reasonably priced one-year warranty inspections for your peace of mind. We will talk with you about your experience in the home over the last year; make a full, objective assessment of the home; and then present a verbal report of our findings.