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Vango Inspections offers a complete suite of services to accompany your home inspection. Sewer Scopes and Radon Testing are the most common services that we recommend. Have a specific test or service your would like performed? Call us and ask, we have a vast network of contacts to meet your needs.

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Radon Testing
Radon is an invisible, odorless gas caused by the natural breakdown of radioactive minerals in the soil that has been tied to an increased risk of lung cancer. Colorado is known to have high levels of radon, and is classified as Class 1 area by the EPA. For this reason, radon tests have become a standard part of home inspections in Colorado, where the home has basement living space. The test is simple and mitigation systems are reasonably priced, and typically the responsibility of the seller. Why gamble with the safety of you and your family? Want to know more? Click here to find out what the EPA has to say about radon gas in Colorado.

Sewer Scopes
No one spends much time thinking about their sewer line, and rightly so. If the sewer line is working properly, you should not have to think about it. Unfortunately, that invisible underground pipe can cause significant issues if not properly maintained. Performing a sewer scope, as part of your home inspection package, will give you the needed insight into the state of your sewer line. Cracked or leaky lines can cause problems ranging from sewer backups, to foundation problems. Roots growing into the sewer line can cause unnecessary clogs and backups. Thanks to our friends at Mainline Services, we offer sewer scopes to you at the same price you would pay them directly, without the extra phone calls and scheduling for you.