Home Owners Network


Home Owners Network Is Like “AAA” For Your Home!

To improve the home owner experience of our members by providing them with information and resources from experts in a community environment. We aspire to make this neighborhood fun while helping members get honest expert opinions regarding home projects, issues and questions. We are also passionate about bringing real money savings deals to our members by leveraging the vast power our community offers.

total-home-supportWe, like you understand that your home is an investment that needs to be protected, but is also your sanctuary – an environment that you and your family can thrive. We all face similar challenges with many of the same problems in our homes related to maintenance of the physical property, evolving it to suit our needs and balancing our hectic lives and budgets. By sharing your experiences with others in our network, you will have access to unlimited resources and expertise that many don’t enjoy. The Home Owners Network (this links to their simple booklet and this is where to place the graphic below as the graphic is also linked to the same location) has at its disposal a vast network of specialists including a nationwide network of unbiased professional home inspectors who are willing to share their expertise. Our “Ask the Experts” app enables you to communicate with our expert panel using modern technology to get a fast, objective opinion.

And hopefully, you will enjoy your home ownership more along the way!

how-it-worksWhether you’re trying to figure out how often you need to paint the outside of your house or understand what type of ground cover will best reduce insects close to your home, our panel of experts have the answers. You can jump on Neighbor Chat community forum and ask your question if you have a specific problem, you can simply use our patent pending “Ask the Experts” app to submit a specific concern to expert.

This community represents a meaningful resource to its members. Welcome to the Neighborhood!